Support for the CMU Checkoff:

Tom Collins

Owner of Phoenix Contractors, President of Employing Bricklayers Association (EBA) Springfield, PA
"The mission of the Employing Bricklayers Association (EBA) aligns with the CMU Checkoff plan and purpose. We must communicate a uniformed, information-based message to the decision makers in the industry. We need to help the industry with research, education and marketing for CMU and mason construction. EBA supports the CMU Checkoff effort and will be glad so assist in any way we can."

Chuck Rotondo

Director of Business Development
Glenwood Masonry Supply, Inc, Brooklyn, NY
“Glenwood Mason Supply strongly supports the CMU Checkoff. With everyone investing in the checkoff across the industry we will all benefit in the end value. We cannot afford as an industry to continue to sit on the sidelines while our competitors are regularly signing purchase orders for walls that should be built with CMU. We are encouraging all of our producers to vote yes on the CMU Checkoff.”

Steve Hunt

BlockUp®, Chicago, IL
“Our industry would greatly benefit by implementing the CMU Checkoff program. The funds would make it possible to update engineering software and make it easier and faster to design structures using concrete masonry. Decision makers nationwide could be educated on the numerous benefits of concrete masonry construction, which would translate into local projects for both small and large producers.”

Sam Finney

President, Tidewater Block
“I support the checkoff because for small businesses like mine, we don’t have the resources to promote block to architects, engineers and retailers. We need more blocks in the walls. If we join together like other products have, we can tell our story. The reality is, we can’t afford not to support the checkoff. If we keep losing market share we like we are now, then where will we be.”

Darryl Fales

Preferred Materials, Inc., An Oldcastle Co
Chair, Florida Concrete Masonry Education Council
“I support the checkoff because I have seen the benefits a checkoff can bring, not only to the industry, but my company. Moving from a voluntary checkoff in Florida to a national mandatory checkoff will increase the pool size of resources. With a national program we can cast a wider net and we can start leveraging and learning from different parts of the country. A national program will bring a lot more resources than what we would have just in Florida and will come back to us in ways we don’t see today.”

J Bruce Blair

President and CEO, Consumers Concrete, Kalamazoo, MI
"I think the checkoff program will be great for the industry, helping to restore the market share that we have forfeited to competing construction materials. Working together we will be able to achieve continual growth, profitability and longevity of the masonry industry."

Sean M. Fitch

Construction Robotics, Lagrangeville, NY
"Concrete masonry units and masonry construction are the #1 choice in building systems by architects and engineers. It's versatile, fire proof, strong, and has the lowest life cycle costs of any building systems. The only reason unit masonry has lost market share is due to creative marketing, lobbying, and inaccurate costs comparisons. Build with the best materials today to save lives later!"

Rodney Ebeling

Featherlite Building Products, Round Rock, TX
"I support the Concrete Masonry Checkoff program due to the unique opportunity it provides for our industry to speak with one voice, emphasizing the multitude of advantages our products provide. The program will give geographically diverse operations the ability to promote and educate with knowledge on how to apply our products to achieve sustainable, resilient, efficient, and safe building in their local area."

Sam Hoehner

Lee Building Products, Louisville, KY
“The Checkoff will strengthen our ability to put solid information and tools into the hands of those that need it the most– owners, decision makers, designers, and engineers that have the ability to influence and impact our communities with safe, durable, and economic building options that will benefit our society for years to come.”

Timothy Bott

Allan Block, Bloomington, MN
"The CMU Checkoff is a realistic approach to provide the funds required to educating consumers, government officials, insurance underwriters, inspectors, architects, structural engineers, developers, military construction specialist such as the Army Corps of Engineers, etc, on the advantages of designing and building with masonry."

Jeannine Swisher

Swisher Concrete Products, Inc. Clearfield PA
"This checkoff program seems to be the most economical and fast tracked way to get our products researched, advocated for and brought in front of the people who may not be choosing masonry or may not know the benefits of choosing masonry."

Tom Finch

RCP Block & Brick, Inc., Lemon Grove,CA
"With large marketing budgets and the funding that is needed to influence the building codes, our competitors with checkoff programs in place have increasingly convinced decision makers that their products are a cheaper and faster. Contrary to our competitions' message, masonry construction is also competitively priced and honestly the best value available. "

Paul Cantarella Jr

Cantarella & Son Inc., Pittsfield,MA
"We need to work together to make Masonry great again! Stronger together!!"

Byard Stevens

ADAMS PRODUCTS a subsidiary of Oldcastle APG, a CRH Company
“When people ask me why I support the checkoff I tell them because it creates a fair and open field to drive demand for all masonry products. We can compete day to day for specific customers who are looking to use block, but who is telling them to use block over other materials? And the reality is, we come in contact with checkoffs every day as consumers. When we buy a gallon of milk, eat a cheeseburger or fill up a propane tank. This is an investment in our industry and we will get an ROI back from that investment.”

Gary Hensley

"I have watched my area continually lose wall share to the lumber industry and their checkoff program. We have worked hard to get the masonry checkoff this far and looking forward to being armed with our own program."

Walter Wulf

Monarch Cement Company
"The CMU Checkoff is a great way to fund the dissemination of information to educate professionals and the general public about the energy saving, fire and natural disaster resisting characteristics of long lasting concrete masonry unit structures."

Bob Sullivan

Technical Services at CfiFOAM, Inc.
"Checkoff programs implemented through the US Department of Agriculture have long benefitted both producers and consumers by providing broad messaging, research and education channels at no added cost to taxpayers. Industry-based Checkoff programs implemented through the US Department of Commerce are long overdue. This program is a "Win! Win!" for consumers and concrete masonry industry members alike."
Dana Morse | Jandris Block | Massachusetts

Passing On a Legacy: A Personal Reason To Support The Checkoff

“We have always supported the checkoff program,” says Morse. “To me, it’s necessary. Our industry has not always done a good enough job over the years of banding together and raising money for promotion and we are very much behind our competitive products.”
JOHN SISSON | Former Owner, Tupelo Concrete Products

Region 2 Producer Views Checkoff As Chance To Take A New Approach

“I've seen a great loss in the gray block market in my region,” says Sisson. “We've lost a great part of our sales due to competitors’ aggressiveness. It has cost us a lot of sales.”
Charles Newsome | Johnson Concrete

Retired Executive Longtime Advocate for CMU Checkoff Program

"We all want to see our industry grow and flourish. I’m a big believer that if you can make the tide go up, it carries everybody with it."
Mike Finch | RCP BLOCK & BRICK

Region 5 Producer Continues Legacy Of Industry Cooperation

“With large marketing budgets and the funding to influence building codes, our competitors are convincing decision makers that their products are a cheaper and faster method of construction.”

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