Draft Order Published in Federal Register

We are now off and running! The Department of Commerce has just posted the Draft Order as submitted by the CMU leadership in the Federal Register. The timeline included in the legislation is now in play.


A Proposed Rule by the Under-Secretary for Economic Affairs on 08/24/2020
As published in the Federal Register:

The Department of Commerce (Department) solicits comments on a proposed Concrete Masonry Products Research, Education, and Promotion Order. The purpose of the proposed order is to strengthen the position of the concrete masonry products industry in the domestic marketplace; maintain, develop, and expand markets and uses of concrete masonry products in the domestic marketplace; and promote the use of concrete masonry products in construction and building.

The proposed order allows a Concrete Masonry Products Board (Board) made up of industry members appointed by the Secretary of Commerce (Secretary) to develop and implement programs of research, education, and promotion.

The funding of the Board's activities and programs will be through assessments paid by manufacturers of concrete masonry units. The initial assessment will be $.01 per concrete masonry unit sold.

The Secretary will hold a referendum among eligible manufacturers to determine whether they favor the implementation of the proposed order. The order only will go into effect if the referendum results in the affirmative vote of a majority of those voting and also a majority of the block machine cavities in operation by those voting. This proposal also announces the intent of the Department to request approval by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) of a new information collection request (ICR) to support implementation of the program.