The Vision

THE VISION of the CMU Checkoff is to create the future path where concrete masonry is the product of choice by more effectively generating and leveraging industry investments to support needed research, education, and promotion that generates more demand and more sales.

Safe, Resilient Communities

We envision a future where our products are used to protect communities and reduce the suffering and cost of recovery from natural disasters.

Concrete masonry can reduce the devastation of these disasters and help communities, businesses and people recover more quickly. With our checkoff, we can make concrete masonry and its resilience the right choice.

Empowered & Efficient Design

We envision a future where concrete masonry is readily specified and designers are given support and advanced tools to take advantage of our products.

Imagine the possibilities with a checkoff that is funding training and education of designers who also have the tools and resources to design effectively and efficiently.

A checkoff will help architects, engineers, and builders achieve desirable aesthetics and structural integrity with concrete masonry.

Growth and Profitability

We envision a future where demand for our products meets or even exceeds capacity, allowing for more profitability, expansion and innovation.
A checkoff will allow us to fund research of new technologies that will benefit all of concrete masonry. The top level objective is to expand and evolve the demand for concrete masonry products and systems.

Got More Questions?

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