2 – Reapportionment of Board Membership and Geographic Regions

Whereas Section 1500.40(d) of the Concrete Masonry Products Research, Education, and Promotion Order includes the following language regarding reapportionment of Board membership:
Three years after the assessment of concrete masonry units commences pursuant to implementation of this Order, and at the end of each three-year period thereafter, the Board, subject to the review and approval of the Secretary, shall, if warranted, recommend to the Secretary the reapportionment of the Board membership, including but not limited to modifying the regions and districts set forth in 1500.40(c), and the allocation of Board members to reflect changes in the geographical distribution of the manufacture of concrete masonry products and the types of concrete masonry products manufactured.
Whereas, the purpose of the inclusion of Checkoff regions was to encourage broader collaboration and strategic planning to improve effectiveness of Checkoff efforts throughout the region; Whereas, the Order recognizes that improvements may be warranted to better improve the effectiveness of the Board; to reflect the evolving nature of the industry; and define regions for the purpose of organizing those with common market interests;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Board will:

  • At its first opportunity, recommend to the Secretary that a sixth geographic region be created, with Florida being the only state included in that region. This recommendation is based on the unique nature and magnitude of the concrete block market that currently exists in Florida.
  • Within two years after the Order becoming effective, initiate a study and conduct a survey of those paying assessments for the purpose of identifying other possible recommendations related to Board apportionment and definition of regions and districts.