CMU Checkoff Board Recommendations and Policies

December 18, 2020

The CMU Checkoff Program was developed to support the promotion, research, and education needed to improve the position of concrete masonry construction within the market place. Through the course of developing this program, we have all contributed to the identification of improvements, clarifications, and limitations that would help us to better implement a program consistent with the published Concrete Masonry Products Research, Education, and Promotion Order.

Through the development process, the CMU Checkoff Initiative worked to balance the need to develop specific components that needed to be defined (either within the authorizing legislation or within the Order from the Department of Commerce) to ensure this program would be effective. At the same time, it was recognized that the Checkoff Board should also be provided with flexibility to develop their own policies and procedures that would better define the mechanisms by how the program would operate. Allowing the Board to define these (within the limits of the legislation and order) would provide more control to the industry relative to administration of the program.

The Board, once seated, will have the ability and the responsibility to develop policies and procedures to: support management of the program; collect of assessments; educate and communicate to those paying assessments; conduct strategic planning to identify how to best invest funds to support industry growth; support and coordinate with different geographic regions to ensure that their interests are served; report on programs and the effectiveness of those programs in improving market; and more.

While those policies and procedures are yet to be developed by a Board that has not yet been authorized or formed, we have learned enough through our industry town halls, public comments, and other discussions to articulate some recommendations for the Board to consider immediately upon their being seated.

As the Chairman of the CMU Checkoff Initiative, I hereby present recommendations related to the following issues in the form of proposed board resolutions:

  1. Assessment Rates
  2. Reapportionment of Board Membership and Geographic Regions
  3. Limitations on Obligation of Funds
  4. Product Scope
  5. Allocation of Program Funds to Support Regions

I anticipate the Board will consider these recommendations soon after being constituted, in order to ensure an effective CMU Checkoff program.


Major Ogilvie
Major Ogilvie
ReadyMix USA, a CEMEX company
Chairman of the CMU Checkoff Initiative

Assessment Rate

1 - Assessment Rate Whereas Section 1500.51(c) of the Concrete Masonry Products Research, Education, and Promotion Order includes the following language regarding assessment rates: ...

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Product Scope

4 – Product Scope Whereas, Section 1500.5 and 1500.6 defines a broader class of “concrete masonry products” and a subset of those products as “concrete masonry units”, respectively; Whereas,...

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