The Vision

The vision of the CMU Checkoff is to create the future path where concrete masonry is the product of choice.

The Funding

The funding for a more coordinated industry promotion effort would come from pooling one penny from every CMU sold in the United States.

The Products

Products included in the program would be all concrete masonry units with a depth of 3-in. or more.

The Vote

The vote to approve the CMU Checkoff may happen in late 2019. Every manufacturer who makes concrete block would be eligible to register to participate in a referendum.

The Regions

A regional focus is a critical component of how the CMU Checkoff would be managed. Development of regional priorities and implementation of programs at the local level is critical to achieve the objective of creating value for all.

The Management

The management of the funds and decisions on programs would be by a Board consisting of 15-25 CMU manufacturers which must include reps from all regions of the U.S., all sizes of companies, and supported by input from suppliers and masonry contractors. No company can have more than 2 reps.