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  • Mason Contractors Stand with the Concrete Block Industry

Organizations representing our industry’s most critical partner, the contractors and masons who install our product, continue to lend their support to the national concrete masonry checkoff effort.

ABOVE: Current President Kent Huntley of the Huntley Brothers Company of Mint Hill, North Carolina addresses the NCMCA membership at the organization's March 2019 annual convention in Charleston. (Photo Courtesy: NCMCA)


The North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association (NCMCA) based in Hickory, N.C. is the latest industry partner to adopt a formal resolution supporting the CMU Checkoff program.

"The block producers of the Carolinas are always among our strongest allies in our mission to promote masonry,” says Lynn Nash, Executive Vice President of NCMCA.

“The time and money our contractor members have spent traveling to Washington, lobbying legislators and promoting the CMU Checkoff at every opportunity will prove to be a good investment for us. We know these folks and what they can accomplish with the checkoff in place."

NCMCA unanimously adopted the resolution during a business meeting held in conjunction with their March 2019 annual convention in Charleston, South Carolina.

The group serves masonry contractors of the Carolinas, promotes masonry as the building material of choice and celebrates masonry as a career choice. You can find them online at NCMCA.com.

Other Regional Support


In addition to the NCMCA, the board representing the Mason Contractors Association of Greater Chicago is also urging its members to support the upcoming referendum to establish a checkoff. "Mason Contractors have long supported instituting this CMU checkoff program as a way to compete with other industry related checkoff programs," says MCAGC's Executive Secretary Jim O'Connor.

"We are excited to collaborate on a national level to promote the benefits of masonry in cities, towns, and neighborhoods that are experiencing new growth and community improvement. Our commitment extends to marketing and promotion with the Masonry Advisory Council, masonry education programs, and masonry training," he says.

O'Connor feels the checkoff is long overdue and is a program everyone in the industry will benefit from. "We will all benefit from the ideas and ideals provided with more market visibility, industry support, and education programs of our products."

"It's time for us to re-establish the benefits of masonry, and to demonstrate how CMU as a natural material is in line with popular building requirements used today."

The Mason Contractors Association of St. Louis passed a similar letter of support back on February 5, 2019.

National Support

The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), the national association committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry, is also a longtime proponent of the checkoff.

In a previous interview, Paul Odom, chairman of the Board for the Mason Contractors Association of America, said: “We need to do a better job of promoting the value of concrete masonry construction. It has so much untapped potential."

"With improved funding and more strategic coordination that would come through a concrete masonry checkoff, I am optimistic that significant growth for our businesses is possible.”

You can learn more about the valuable support from the various masonry contractor associations by downloading and reviewing their resolutions listed below.

NCMCA Resolution

MCAGC Resolution

MCA St Louis Resolution

MCAA Resolution



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