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The April 2019 edition of CAM Magazine, published by the Construction Association of Michigan, features an extensive article on the coordinated effort to bring a national checkoff program to the concrete masonry industry.

ABOVE: CAM Magazine features current news and information regarding the latest construction techniques, methods and equipment, as well as economic updates and news on the people in Michigan's commercial construction industry.

Fendt Builders Supply

The report features Jim Gendron (left), longtime president of the Masonry Institute of Michigan, who also serves as an architectural sales rep for Fendt Builder’s Supply.

Gendron explains to author Mary Kremposky how the checkoff program could boost the block business.

“Certain industries, such as beef and dairy, were struggling and they needed to figure out how they could get their industry to grow,” Gendron tells CAM Magazine.

“They applied to place an assessment on their particular industry. The money came back to the industry in the form of a national committee that allocates the money for the purpose of advertising, promotion, research, training, education, and similar activities.”

Gendron, a 32-year veteran of the industry, has been a long-time supporter of the CMU Checkoff program. He’s presently traveling throughout Michigan to promote the checkoff opportunity and is working with Region 3 captains Josh Naragon, Oberfields LLC, Steve Hunt, BlockUp and Pat Sauter of King's Material to reach block producers in the upper Midwest.

You can read the comprehensive article online by visiting the magazine’s April 2019 edition and clicking through to page 30 of the online version.

The Construction Association of Michigan has also graciously allowed us to reprint the article in this downloadable PDF file.

About CAM

Founded in 1885, the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM) is today recognized as the oldest and largest regional construction association in North America.

CAM Magazine was first published in 1980 and reaches roughly 25-thousand readers with both print and electronic versions of their publication.



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