Five CMU Checkoff Facts You Need to Know:

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    It was a standing room only in February 2020 when checkoff leaders hosted an information session during NCMA's Annual Convention in Salt Lake City. More than 100 producers and affiliates participated, hearing updates about the progress toward a checkoff and ideating new programs that can be funded to increase demand for masonry products.
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    Once the draft order is published, it will be roughly 140 days until producers vote to approve the CMU Checkoff. During that 140 days several things will occur, including an open comment period where anyone within the masonry industry and beyond can share their support. There also will be an ask of eligible producers to register prior to the vote.
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    There is no shortage of ideas for checkoff-funded programs that can advance the concrete masonry industry. During the session, producers brainstormed the top five programs that should be funded out of the gate, nationally and regionally. The full list totaled well over 50 ideas, ranging from a “how masonry saved the day” promotional campaign to a national design center to a carbon lifecycle analysis.
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    The power of the checkoff will come through partnerships, at the state, regional and national level. Every program funded by the checkoff will ultimately benefit producers by meeting one simple criteria: leading to greater demand for masonry. And whether that’s a partnership with the national jobs program or a regional campaign targeting insurance adjusters, all of masonry benefits.
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    While the Department of Commerce (DOC) will help administer the checkoff, the checkoff will be industry-funded and industry-led. During the NCMA checkoff session, the DOC team assigned to the CMU Checkoff participated. Mike Simpson, DOC team lead for the CMU Checkoff, explained the DOC relationship this way: “If the checkoff is approved, the program is all yours. Yes, there are points where we will be connecting, but the research, the promotion, the education is all yours. This program belongs to industry.”