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Many of you are already imagining the possibilities of an industry-funded checkoff for concrete masonry. In Orlando, we learned how checkoffs are making a difference for other industries. Now, we're laying out a game plan to make OUR checkoff a reality.

ABOVE: The February 2019 kickoff session in Orlando, Florida was well-attended by industry representatives.

CMU Checkoff
Campaign Chair

Since our February session, your regional checkoff captains have been busy with the important work of reaching out to producers across the country.

Over the next two months other committees will begin framing out the Order, which will include more of the process and program logistics that I know many of you are interested in.

We’ll also begin creating a framework for potential programs we would want to fund as an industry through our checkoff. Here's where you can help me with your insight and ideas, so I have three asks of everyone:

  • If you haven’t told us why you support the checkoff, drop us a note on our GET INVOLVED page. Tell us what you see is the future because of our checkoff. Let us share that story within our industry.
  • Explore the content here at cmucheckoff.com and learn more about our efforts. We have quite a few online resources for you.
  • Spread the word. Talk to your fellow producers. Let them know why you support the checkoff and ask them to do the same thing.

With every play, I am more and more confident that this is our time. Our time to have safer, more resilient communities, protected with our products. Our time to empower designers with the tools and training they need to use our products. Our time to experience growth and profitability. All propelled forward with our CMU checkoff.

Let’s keep moving ahead!



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Online Form

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Get Involved!

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