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Get the Facts:

Review Recent CMU Checkoff Town Halls

The CMU Checkoff Initiative recently hosted six regional meetings to give producers the opportunity to have an open, transparent discussion about what a national, mandatory checkoff means. These sessions provided a chance to hear straight facts about the Checkoff and get tough questions answered.

For those unable to attend, or for producers looking to review their regional session, we're providing full-length unedited recordings of the online meetings.

Region 1

Held Sep 29, 2020

Region 2

Held Sep 24, 2020

Region 2, District 3

Held Oct 6, 2020

Region 3

Held Sep 23, 2020

Region 4

Held Sep 29, 2020

Region 5

Held Sep 24, 2020

Got More Questions?

Of course you do! And you should!
Answers for MANY of those questions are here.