Why a Checkoff?

Our industry needs to regain and grow market share. The checkoff program will create the funding and ability for us to promote our industry and position our products against the competition. With the assessment being equally applied to every company and every unit sold, the program is fair and inclusive. Many in the industry agree that an ongoing bold change in industry promotion is needed to ensure a growing role of concrete masonry as the building material for future communities.


Research Icon

Building codes and standards have a significant impact on the how concrete masonry products are used.

Research is needed to document the performance of concrete masonry to support code changes that will open additional markets, reduce unnecessary conservatism, and make concrete masonry more market competitive.

Research needs for concrete masonry abound in areas related to sustainability, fire-resistance, structural performance in seismic and wind events, recycled materials, manufacturing improvements, energy, and more.

Supporting research at the university level provides additional benefits. Faculty researchers become more familiar with concrete masonry as a building material. This in turn has the ability to result in increased masonry classroom education and hands-on exposure for students of engineering, architecture, construction management and materials science.


Education Icon

Many types of related industry professionals have the ability to impact the use of concrete masonry construction: engineers, architects, contractors, inspectors, building officials, and more.

A Concrete Masonry Checkoff Program can provide resources to support the continuing education of these individuals regarding best practices for use of our products.

The future designers and industry professionals are making their way through school and college now. Increasing their exposure to concrete masonry construction will make them more comfortable with using it once they become practicing professionals.

Tools and resources are needed to increase the efficiency of these professionals in performing their responsibilities related to the use of concrete masonry. A Concrete Masonry Checkoff Program can support the development of these resources as well as education to help them learn how to use them, be they in the form of design guides, construction resources, software, online tools, etc.


Promotion Icon

Once you develop the product, conduct the research, create the resource, or establish an education program – you still have to promote it in order to maximize its impact.

The Checkoff Program can support promotion at the local, state, regional or national levels as needed to make sure that the audiences that have the ability to consume the product or information know how to do so and why.

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